Saturday, March 29, 2008

One down, one to go

It's been a pretty quiet knitting month as I've been very busy planning for my move and starting a new job. I have, however managed to finish one of my lacy bedsocks:

I love this sock, it's so comfortable and warm and yet the holes along the top prevent your feet from getting over-warm. When I've finished both I can see they'll be perfect for wandering around the flat on a Sunday morning and keeping my toes toasty in the winter. When I've added the ribbon along the top I think that they'll also be smart enough to wear outside as well.

I did get a little confused when starting on the foot as the main pattern needs to be split so that you start a few stitches in. This isn't explained in the pattern, but is easy enough to work out just by thinking through how many stitches you will end up with for different sections of the pattern. I made the foot a little shorter than it says so that it fit my foot snugly and actually managed to complete the sock with just one ball of yarn. I may even end up with a spare ball left over, which would be nice.

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