Thursday, January 24, 2008

Flower Hat

So this was the first proper thing I knitted, from a pattern.

The pattern comes from the book 'Fun and Funky Knitting' by Emma King which I borrowed from my Mum. I copied the pattern exactly, just substituting the bright pink yarn for a nice dark purple. It is knitted in Rowan 4 ply Soft (Victoria) with trimmings in Rowan Wool cotton, which is used double and nice and soft and stretchy. I found that the hat turned out a little too big for my head and sticks up a little at the top, but then I do have a very small head. I just have to pull it down a bit further than normal, at least it keeps my ears nice and warm.

I like the little flower detail on the side which makes it a little more smart and feminine than your regular beanie.
I'm halfway through knitting the matching scarf from the book, but have run out of wool as I'm making it much longer than the one in the pattern. Unfortunately my favourite internet stockists, Kangaroo, have run out of the particular shade I need, so will have to wait until it comes back in stock. I also have plans to knit the tweedy gloves as well, maybe once I have finished my current gauntlets.

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